Interior Divine

San Diego Interior Design Boutique

The art of Interior Design is composed of color, form, texture and light in order to create a functional, useful space for its' inhabitants. Your dwelling should be a comfortable, stylish place in which to relax, entertain, and share time with family. "Together we can turn your design aspirations into a Divine reality"

Interior Divine is San Diego’s hottest interior-design boutique.  Since 2003, Interior Divine has transformed countless Southern California homes with a broad range of decors.  The interior design process begins with an initial consultation—an active dialogue between parties.  The information gathered begins to breathe, soon evolving into a well-balanced design plan.  At Interior Divine we promote an open-door policy of communication with clients.  We focus on helping the individual’s design sense shine through. Clients may crave a contemporary, minimalist look, or a warm, exotic feel. Some desire an eclectic blend of motifs.  After all, fusion is fashion.  And a home isn’t just a major investment; it’s a retreat that Interior Divine will help shape into a unique, comfortable space that remains forever inviting.

If your home isn’t becoming to you,
         you should be coming to me!