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Take the Riddle out of Choosing Paint Color

"The sophisticated blue I chose for the bedroom reads baby blue. The beige I picked for the study turned pink when I put it on the wall… Not only that, where do I begin and end the color, and which wall might work best as an accent?"
Paint color is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to bring personality to your home, and options abound. For many, they overwhelmA 1” square-paint swatch does not provide an accurate glimpse of how an entire room will look when the color is on the wall. The effect that constantly changing light (natural and artificial) has on the shade may be challenging to gauge. Have no fear.  Interior Divine shuns the go-as-you-may approach, instead using computer simulations to render accurate layouts—often with existing client furnishings in the picture.  In any case, Interior Divine will formulate a color scheme that soars above your highest expectations. Make it yoursWe’re ready when you are.