Interior Divine

Flooring Consultation - The Right Foundation

Design can be Daunting

As the foundation of your space, flooring plays an integral role in a rooms overall feel.  Hard wood, laminate, bamboo, marble, cork, porcelain, carpet, limestone... so many options to choose from!  Which material suits your style, is able to stand up to “Fido’s” shenanigans, and also fits your budget?  Which floor makes the most sense for your particular situation, for your family, for your future?  Let Interior Divine guide you through the seemingly endless choices and inform you of the pro’s and con’s of each.  Whether you prefer to be accompanied to the wholesale showroom, or have the samples brought directly to you-- we will streamline the seemingly endless choices, and allow your tastes shine through.

"Should I start with paint or flooring . . . or do I find a fabric to serve as an inspiration piece and go from there? Where do I find the right accessories? How do I know all the aspects of my redesign will look cohesive?"

Interior Divine takes the guesswork out of home renovation, narrowing the seemingly endless choices and presenting homeowners with sound options that vault their unique design sense into the limelight.